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  Before buying a product or solution
  • Non destructive testing (NDT) tests by infrared thermography on your samples to determine which setup suits your needs best. Most preliminary studies can be realized for free or at a low cost depending on the complexity.
  • Evaluation of computer or machine vision systems issues such as detecting events, supporting and controlling manufacturing processes, solving specific measurements, inspecting manufactured goods such as semiconductor chips, automobiles, food and pharmaceuticals, counting objects on conveyor, automatic traffic and parking monitoring (free).

While and after buying a product or solution

  • Maintenance, adjustment, online or on site customer service.
  • Software design

Training, formation, accreditation, certification

  • Training without certification level on the basics of infrared thermography
  • Training for ASNT certification level I and level II on infrared thermography
  • Level III services for designing Non Destructive Testing procedures for the Aerospace field


  • Thermal characterization of materials. If you are evaluating thermal properties on a regular basis, you may prefer getting your own solution. See the thermal characterization in the products tab for more.
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