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This thermography tutorial explains infrared thermography and the differences between the various systems.

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IR NDT systems: inductive thermography

Infrared thermography used with inductive excitation can be applied to detect electro-conductive-defects or differences in materials, by generating eddy currents at a specific depth determined by the frequency of the excitation. See the thermography tutorial on the left for more information on inductive thermography.

An inductive thermography setup typically includes:

- 1 or more coils
- 1 high frequency signal generator
- 1 acquisition station (PC)
- 1 cooled infrared camera

Components are carefully selected depending on your needs. Visiooimage engineers help you selecting the right components with the right specifications and ensure that the bench setup will work with the materials to be tested.

Example of a typical inductive thermography setup.
The operator is inspecting a carbon fiber panel.

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