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This thermography tutorial explains infrared thermography and the differences between the various systems.

IR machine vision systems
thermal characterization
sensing liquid level through bottles
Infrared Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Systems

Infrared Non Destructive Testing (IR NDT) systems are Infrared Thermography solutions for the evaluation of subsurface defects in materials. They are adapted to your needs on a case by case basis and include everything you need from the Infrared Camera to the acquisition station. Can be used as a bench setup or a portable setup. The IR NDT solutions can also be adapted on conveyors with PLC controllers for repetitive or automatic measurements. Click on the Thermography Tutorial on the left to know more about the various kinds of IR NDT systems.

Contact us to freely try out your material and defects to be tested.

  • Optical pulsed thermography
  • Optical lock-in thermography
  • Ultrasound thermography
  • Inductive thermography

Infrared machine vision systems

For detecting events, supporting and controlling manufacturing process, solving specific measurements, inspecting manufactured goods, counting objects on conveyor, automatic traffic and parking monitoring, fire/heat prevention and detection, surveillance and more.

Those machine vision systems are often bound to an industrial PC and a PLC controller. Contact us for specific applications.

  • Thermal characterization of materials: this inspection bench allows finding out the thermal properties of materials such as thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and spectral emissivity by photothermal radiometry. It is sold as a product or a service depending on your needs.
  • Sensing liquid level in bottle: this is an example of an inspection system that enables to accurately measure the level of liquid or solid directly through opaque plastic such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles, when classical machine vision fails.
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